Cu Wire

Cost saving alternative of Au wire.
30 years of challenge of Cu wire technologies for the applications of greater sophistication and complication and the global market. Well prevailed cost saving material globally with gold price rising of recent years as a background. Widely adopted by discrete package to IC package with high number wires.

High-Purity Copper Wire (TC-A)

  • Copper has a lower cost than gold.
  • Copper wire offers superior long-term reliability compared to gold wire. It is suitable for automotive ICs.
  • Copper wire’s electroconductivity is superior to that of gold wire. Copper wire exhibits good heat release and is ideal for use in high-speed ICs.
  • The initial ball is soft and the use of high-purity (6N) copper as a source contributes to damage-resistant chips.
  • Excellent second and subsequent bonding results from the oxygen-free (4N) copper characteristic.


Cost Effective Copper Wire (TC-GE)

  • TATSUTA develop near-high-purity (5N) Copper as answer for low-cost Copper wire demand in the market.
  • Although TC-GE is lower-cost, it offers similar performance to the superior high-purity (6N) Copper wire.
  • TC-GE is the perfect balance for performance and economy.


Oxygen-Free Copper Wire (TC-E Series)

  • This material is lower-cost than high-purity (6N) copper for superior cost effectiveness.
  • The squashed ball shape offers superior wire strength and circularity compared to high-purity (6N) copper.
  • Offers long-term reliability superior to that of gold wire. It is suitable for use in automotive ICs.
  • Offers superior electroconductivity compared to gold wire.
  • Copper wire exhibits good heat release and is ideal for use in high-speed ICs.


Ultimate Soft Copper Heavy Wire for Power Devices (TC-A/TC-E)

  • Compared to the conventional Aluminum bonding wire,Tatsuta’s TC-A/TC-E Copper wire shows superior electrical conductivity.
  • In terms of reliability, Tatsuta’s Copper heavy wire TC shows 10~ times higher cycle counts than conventional Aluminum bonding wire in power cycle test.
  • For the bondability aspect, Tatsuta’s copper heavy wire is very soft, actually the softest in the world, offers best bondability. Our material selection, high purity Copper of 6N and 4N, and special process can produce ultimately soft wire among the all copper wire category.


Copper Alloy Wire (MCXE)

  • Much stable FAB forming property than Pd-coated Cu wire, due to its one melting point structure
  • Ultrafine grain properties in FAB, excellent roundness of small ball.
  • Ultrafine grain properties also contribute to high strength and high elongation.
  • Resistant to wire flow and neck damage, possible to form any loop of long and short length.