Tatsuta Electronic Materials Malaysia manufacture micro size wire technologies and alloying technologies deliver Cu wire, Pd-coated Cu wire and Ag wire bonding wire.
Customizable upon applications.

Cu Wire

  • In recent years, Cu wire become the cost saving alternative of Au wire due to the rise of gold price.
  • Since 1987, Tatsuta always challenge the development of Cu wire technology for complex and sophisticated application in global market.
  • Tatsuta Cu wire widely adopted mainly in automotive application, from discrete packages to IC packages.

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Ag Wire

  • In recent years, Ag wire rapidly expanding as IC and LED applications.
  • Tatsuta Ag wire contributes to improve LED brightness and has great reputation in LED industry.
  • Ag wire application is expected to spread in the near future.

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Pd-Cu Wire

  • Pd-coated Cu wire have the characteristic of both Au and Cu wire.
  • This wire delivers the lower cost than Au wire, and has better manufacturing control than bare Cu wire.

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