Research & Development

TATSUTA Electronic Materials Malaysia

“TATSUTA Electronic Materials Malaysia mainly to focus on Cu and Ag bonding wire production and provide technical service to all customers in Asia.”

TATSUTA Electronic Materials Malaysia TATSUTA Electronic Materials Malaysia TATSUTA Electronic Materials Malaysia

TATSUTA Electronic Materials Malaysia, which has manufacturing and engineering facilities for Cu bonding and Ag bonding wire to lead Company’s vision. We will provide the best supports and knowledge for our customers, as well as becoming the spear tip for TATSUTA to expand its bonding wire business to global market.The bonding wire plant and engineering facilities built together on the premises allow us to manufacture new products and proceed immediately to various test and analysis.

TATSUTA Technical Center

“Evolving and integrating the basic technologies cultivated at TATSUTA since our founding to create new products and technology”

TATSUTA Technical Center

TATSUTA Technical Center(TTC) which is the core of Tatsuta's R&D. TTC features a research laboratory where research and development functions in the fields of electricity, electronics, metals, chemicals, and optics are consolidated in a single location.
The facility also aims to be a base for the development of technology through cooperative efforts with raw material manufacturers and joint research projects between industry and academia, bringing together advanced technical information and specialists from each field, as we keep our eyes on the future.