Ag Alloy Bonding Wire

Bonding wire of Ag unique characteristics.
Rapidly adapted by IC and LED market latest years. Silver(Ag) bonding wire can be good solution for cost reduce because of low work hardening and easy to BSOB. We expect the application of Silver(Ag) bonding wire will increase especially memory & LED.


Ag Alloy Wire

Ag Alloy Wire
★High bond ability & No forming gas requirement
-Stable bondability performance equivalent to Au wire
-During making FAB, no forming gas requirement (N2 gas only)
★Low work hardening
-Ag wire work hardening is lower that Cu, supress chip damage during bonding.
★Good BSOB performance
★Variation of Ag purity
-We have various purity Ag wire 92-99%, we can suggest Ag wire according to your application and needs.
-Offers low resistivity wire, as low as 2.0 μΩ・cm.