Bonding Wire | Products

Bonding Wire | Products

Bare Cu Bonding Wire

As the price of gold(Au) has risen in recent years, cost saving bonding wire was required and bare Copper (Cu) bonding wire is one of the best solution. Since 1987, Tatsuta Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. (Tatsuta) always challenge the development of Copper(Cu) bonding wire technology for complex and sophisticated application in global market. Since Tatsuta is the electric cable manufacturer, Tatsuta had sufficient Copper(Cu) wire technology. We, TEMM, are manufacturing on the production of Copper(Cu) bonding wire by utilizing Tatsuta’s many years of experience.

Ag Alloy Bonding Wire

In recent years, Silver(Ag) bonding wire rapidly expanding as LED and IC applications. Tatsuta Silver(Ag) bonding wire contributes to improve LED brightness and has great reputation in LED industry. Work hardening of Silver(Ag) bonding wire is very slow, similar to gold(Au). In case Copper(Cu) wire is difficult to apply due to its work hardening, Silver(Ag) bonding wire can be a solution in stead of Copper(Cu) bonding wire. Silver(Ag) bonding wire application is expected to spread in the near future.

Pd-Coated Cu Bonding Wire

TEMM Pd-Coated Copper(Cu) bonding wire (TC-ZS-1) has the characteristic of both Gold(Au) and Copper(Cu) bonding wire. Bond ability of our TC-ZS-1 is very good (similar to Gold(Au) wire, better than bare Copper(Cu) wire) and bonding wire price is very reasonable compare with Gold(Au) wire, although more expensive than Copper(Cu) bonding wire. TC-ZS-1 can be one of the Gold(Au) wire alternative.

Cu Heavy Bondingwire

Recently Cu heavy bonding wire began to be used in place of Al bonding wire, because chip material is changing from Si to SiC or GaN for high performance. Tatsuta's heavy Cu bonding wire shows high electrical conductivity and high cycle test performance.